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the_ghost_and_i's Journal

she atomizes
24 September
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kiss my octopus.
a static lullaby, alexisonfire, aphex twins, apples in stereo, art, ash, at the drive-in, autumn, azure ray, badly drawn boy, beck, blonde redhead, brand new, bright eyes, bubble tea, buffalo tom, built to spill, capn jazz, cat power, ciggarettes, clem snide, clinic, coffee, coffee + tea, coheed and cambria..., cold cold hearts, cursive, deathcab for cutie, dinosaur jr., elliot smith, ex models, far, fischerspooner, friends, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, glassjaw, good times, guided by voices, hey mercedes, him, hot hot heat, idlewild, indie rock, innocence mission, interpol, john vanderslice, joy division, juliana theory, julie ruin, kind of like spitting, ladytron, laughing, le tigre, longwave, making out, mars volta, mates of state, mineral, mirah, modest mouse, mogwai, mountain goats, museums, my bloody valentine, my morning jacket, nine inch nails, nirvana, norma jean, northern state, nuetral milk hotel, pedro the lion, phantom planet, photography, pinback, poetry, poetry readings, poison the well, portishead, postal service, pretty girls make graves, pulp, radio4, radiohead, red house painters, rentals, rilo kiley, rocking horse winner, sahara hotnights, sea & cake, sigur ros, sleater kinney, slint, slow dancing, slowdancing, small brown bike, sneakerpimps, sonic youth, sparklehorse, spoon, squarepusher, sushi, taking back sunday, the breeders, the cure, the faint, the juliana theory, the kills, the new pornographers, the owls, the pixies, the velvet teen, the walkmen, thrift shops, thursday, tom waits, tool, ugly cassanova, whiskey, white stripes, yellowcard, yo la tengo